Waxxon has tested many nano-coating products over the last 4 years, from pro version to consumer version, in an effort to find the best one. The nano-coating we currently use has been tested over and over again in the last few years. We stand behind our product with countless hours of personal, professional experience. We have personally tested every single product we currently use in many different situations, and they all performed or exceeded our expectation and our customer’s expectations. We can confirm that this product offers a durable protection and a shine that match or beat other nano-coating on the market.

Without nano coating


Contact tension causes a drop of water to rest on the surface


Moisture can penetrate housing


Surface roughness

With nano coating


Contact tension reduced


Moisture penetration is minimized


Surface roughness is reduces for better dirt repellence

Here are a few advantages our coating
has over the competition

Certain Nano-coatings are part of a PRO coating program and have a minimum price attached to it. The detailer is forced to charge this minimum price to the client. Our coating isn't part of a pro program so we are free to charge the price we want. We can pass the savings back to the customer and offer promotions, discounts and package deal whenever we want!

As mentioned before, this coating offers the best shine of all of the other brands that we’ve tested to date. Some other coatings offer a sterile look that doesn’t enhance the look of the paint. Our coating goes on in very thick coat, creating an exceptional shine. Dark colored paint will appear wetter, deeper, and light colored cars will be glossier than ever.

We’ve experienced a durability of approximately 2 years with our nano-coating. If your car is parked inside or is only driven during the summer, we are confident it will last even longer.

Because this coating applies thicker than other coatings on the market, you are getting a more durable layer of protection that will shield your vehicle’s paint from the elements. In addition, this layer offers self-cleaning properties. Dirt won't stick as easily as before so your car will stay cleaner longer. By having less dirt on your car, it also means you have less chance of scratching your vehicle when it comes time to wash it. Maintenance is now simplified.

Quartz-based coatings cure harder on the Mohs scale after application. Your clear-coat won't feel as soft as it used to. This means that the coating has anti-scratch properties because it takes more force to be able to scratch the nano-coating vs your naked paint. Thus, you should see a reduction of swirls then you used to without a nano-coating.

Note : Carefully read the fine print when comparing our package with ''five years'' Nano-Coating treatment. Some treatment require that you come back every year, at a certain fee, to have your protection renewed. Also, make sure to understand what is guaranteed and their exclusions. The truth is that very few of us keep their car for that long, so you have to ask yourself if it's worth paying that premium for something that might not be what you really need. For the same price, we believe it's best to pay less and have another full treatment done down the road than having only one done on year 1.